Book Day For Technologies To Promote Reading

He who finds no time to read, worse for him.” This genuine phrase corresponds to Umberto Eco, a recently deceased Italian writer, who throughout his life left written some of the most famous novels of the twentieth century. Among them, the Name of the Rose stands out, a mystery novel set in medieval Italy, which penetrates vigorously into the turbulent religious context of the time; allowing readers to travel to a specific place and time while a fast-paced plot develops. Its reading will provoke the unique experience of moving to other places, empathizing with the characters and living an extraordinary adventure.


And, in short, the work of books is to make us relive stories of all kinds from the pleasant reading of written lines. The recognition of this activity is such that “World Book and Copyright Day” is celebrated every April 23. The celebration of this day serves to attract a large number of people from all continents and cultural backgrounds to the cause of books and copyright. Contemplating the book as a vehicle of values ​​and knowledge, as a gateway to the diversity of cultures and an instrument of dialogue, and even as a source of income for its creators, gives meaning to this day.

The origin of the celebration must be attributed to UNESCO, which, at its 1995 General Conference in Paris, decided to pay tribute to the day Cervantes and Shakespeare died. The date is commemorated by millions of people around the world today, who, from their associations, schools and public bodies, promote initiatives to raise awareness and reflect on reading.

However, today seems to warn that this hobby is partially stagnant. According to the latest CIS barometer, 40.3% of Spaniards never read or almost never. Therefore, this kind of claims are seen as totally necessary in a country where the literacy rate reaches almost 100% of the total population.

Electronic Books Are Associated With Interactive Reading

In this sense, new technologies continue to help facilitate reading. The rise of electronic books has meant that we can read almost any work from a portable device, capable of housing countless texts in a very small space. In addition, electronic books have been accompanied by the concept of interactive reading, from which we can expand knowledge by pressing a screen. These are utilities that help the love for this activity continue to spread throughout the world.

In sum, today’s day serves to celebrate the existence of something as precious as books; instruments that allow us to travel, learn about cultures, immerse ourselves in hidden places through the skin of characters of all kinds. The dissemination of this habit is a priority to disseminate knowledge and transmit values ​​throughout the world. In turn, the support of technology seems to be absolutely essential in this cause. Reading should be seen as the satisfactory activity that it is so that everyone reaches the same conclusion as Umberto Eco; and think that he who does not find time to read, worse for him.

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