Roku presents its new line of streaming video players for Mexico

Roku has presented its new line of players for this year, among which are renewed versions of the Roku Express and the Roku Ultra, two of its most popular models, as well as other editions specific to certain stores in the United States. In the case of Mexico, where the brand has a strong presence, there will be three versions available. The cheapest of all is the Roku Express, a small streaming device that connects via HDMI to the TV and offers HD quality video.


This is the most basic model of the company and is focused on beginners. It includes a remote control with direct access to popular streaming channels and offers support for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play Movies and other paid channels.
Roku Premiere is the option for those who want HD and 4K HDR content. The design and configuration is very similar to that of the Roku Express and the price difference is not so wide. Finally, the Roku Streaming Stick + is offered, a pen drive-shaped player that connects to the TV and has a long-range wireless connection, as well as a remote control that also encompasses the TV.

The most robust model in its entire range is the Roku Ultra, a player that looks similar to Apple TV that allows streaming HD and 4K HDR content. Among its features are the presence of an Ethernet port, a remote control that can be activated with voice and that includes a 3.5mm port to connect headphones.

Price And Availability in Mexico

The three models that will be available in Mexico will be the Roku Express, at a price of 899 pesos, the Roku Premiere at 1,199 pesos and the Roku Streaming Stick +, which still has no defined price. The first two will be released at the end of September, while the Streaming Stick + will arrive during October.

The company has previously declared that Mexico is one of the most attractive countries for streaming and one of those that reported the most growth, although a legal problem with Grupo Televisa prevented them from selling their devices for more than a year.

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